Coding, map-making, object mesh-hexing, illustration, ideas etc.

Dr Mike Cooper

Content without any explicit credit is usually his work.

AI code, Danger Room modes, EZ Script


FFX 3.2+ maintenance, extra modules et the ever-useful caetera

CatWhoWalksByHimself, Épiméthée, M25, Stumpy, Taskmaster X

SkXAngles, SkXCamera and SkXMapInfo Modules, plus extra code


Additional attributes and code

C4, Shazam, Chazz the Mighty, SouperIan, Apfarmakis, Ultravibe

FFX 3.2 Alpha Testing

Xenolith, Tommyboy


Hero Files

Dr Mike, Yellow Lantern

Special Thanks to


FFX is copyright Dr. Mike Cooper. All other contents are copyright their respective authors.