Just to explain - I've kept the character concepts here as close to the originals as I could.
I didn't want to re-define the characters but simply to augment their existing abilities in most cases. FFvTTR has introduced a good batch of new power options as it is, and many of the newer characters, such as Red Oktober really don't need the benefits of FFX.

Minute Man

Minute Man has been given enhanced Jumping abilities via the SUPERLEAPER attribute. He gets a LEAP TO command on any character or object in the level, which will cause him to execute a mighty jump horizontally to within melee range of his target.


Mentor's psychokinetic and telepathic powers have been powered up considerably.
He has lost the DISORIENTATE melee attack, and gained two new attacks - CORTICAL SHUTDOWN, a direct damage attack that can be resisted by mental defences, and a TRACTOR BEAM that telekinetically throws the target over his head.
He also has the SUPER-TELEKINETIC attribute, taht allows him to pick up, move and throw objects such as cars from a distance using a series of special commands.
He also gains ENHANCED SENSES, allowing him to scan for sources of ENERGY X through a custom command.

El Diablo

El Diablo starts off the same, but can purchase the FLAME CONTROL attribute, that allows him to lay down burning firewalls on the ground.
With training, he can buy a FIERY CAGE attack that encircles the target with flame, damaging and immobilising them.


Alchemiss starts with the ILLUSIONIST attribute, allowing her to create ghostly copies of herself to distract opponents.
With training she can gain ENHANCED SENSES, allowing her to detect magical characters or objects nearby, with a slight chance of becoming overwhelmed and hypnotised in the process.
With further training she gains the ability to leave her body via ASTRAL PROJECTION.

Man O' War

Man O' War starts off with the SYMBIOTE attribute which he shares with Sea Urchin. Whenever the two are in close proximity they become ENERGISED due to their compatible bio-electric auras.
With further training he can gain WEATHER CONTROL, allowing him to summon lightning and hailstorms that wreak indiscriminate damage around him!
Ive also added a PEA-SOUPER blinding fog attack, just for fun (nothing Specifically FFX about this one!)

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin gains the SYMBIOTE attribute, making her and Man O' War much more effective as a team.
She also gets a STATIC CAGE attack that confines and shocks the target, and can gain the custom CURRENT SAPPER attribute, that causes her to draw power from the city's electrcial grid and become physically stronger!
If Man O War is nearby, he also gains this bonus as long as she still stands!

The Ant

The Ant gains the SUMMONER attribute, allowing him to summon allies to help help him fight evil!
You guessed it, Chuckles! He summons giant ants! If he gets KO'd or temporarily incapacitated (eg stunned), his ant warriors can turn on his teammates, so be careful!


Law gains the PRESENCE attribute, causing minions of evil to sometimes flee in panic when she's nearby.
She also has her own brand of ENHANCED SENSES, allowing her to detect good and evil characters on the map, although using it means you temporarily see the world through her eyes!
Her IMPRISON attack creates a solid cage around the target, preventing them from moving using the FFX Crystallisation attack type.


Order gains some limited INVULERABILITY, allowing him to shrug off the first 5 points of damage from any attack. He can also buy the UNSTOPPABLE attribute, allowing him to become temporarily completely invulnerable to all damage. However, when this wears off, his hit point total drops to half its current maximum and value, and the UNSTOPPABLE power cannot be activated again for a short time afterwards.
Through training he can develop a CHALLENGE attack that makes his target go literally weak at the knees - target's who fail to resist do considerably less damage while the state lasts.

Liberty Lad

Liberty Lad gains the ACROBATIC attribute, after a sabbatical being chased by his screaming fans and jumping over rooftops to avoid them!
He's also been watching the Home Alone movies, and has developed a MARBLE BOMB that causes nearby targets to repeatedly lose their footing! Finally, he gains a TAUNT power, which causes a target to focus their attacks exclusively on him.


Microwave can be trained to develop the GROUP TELEPORTER attribute, whcih allows him to take his teammates, or enemies, or both with him when he teleports.
He also gets a TELEPORT BEAM attack that sends the target staright up into the air, to take falling damage.
Finally, he gains the new POWER ANALYSIS attribute that allows him to ascertain an opponents's powers just by clicking on them - causing a print-out to the Mission Status Text when he does so.


Bullet has been training hard on holiday, and can now develop short bursts of extra speed at the expense of his energy levels using a special SPEED BOOST power. With training he can develop the SPINNER attribute, that allows him to spin around his vertical axis, knocking back anyone nearby while he's in this state!


Eve gains the PUPPET MASTER (NATURE) attribute, allowing her to animate plants into minions that fight for her.
The PHEREMONES attribute means that nearby animal opponents (such as Killa-Rillas) will often become hypnotised in her presence.
On the downside, she gains the NEMESIS attribute - a certain individual from the first campaignhas not forgotten her, and may turn up at a moment's notice whenever sahe is taken on a mission. These three attributes are wrapped up in the NATURE GODDESS combo attribute for Eve.
Finally, she can develop the PLASMA SCULPTOR attribute, in her case customsied to allow her to instantaneously grow plants, which can then be animated.



Blackbird's had a fairly extensive makeover in FFX.
Ive given her some Bird-A-Rangs (just a normal attack using some hexed keyframe data) and a Bird-Rope pull attack similar to BlackJacks.
Her sonic powers are now represented by a beam that does direct damage to any character if they resist a mental check, with a vertigo carrier attack over the top. Additionally, she gets a cone attack that induces vertigo in multiple targets.

Iron Ox

Iron Ox has been studying with some Hindu chappies on his vacation, and has learned the true nature of his powers - he is able to control molecular density!
He can employ this as a GRAVITY DISC that increases a target's mass, pinning them to the floor and crushing them when they become too heavy to stand up.
Conversely he can reduce a targets mass using his ZERO-G TOUCH, causing them to hover helplessly in the air.
He can also learn how to modify his own mass to become stronger, tougher and slower or lighter and faster.
All of these powers require training, but he does start off with a TAUNT attack after trading quips with Liberty Lad!


Supercollider has gained the HEAVY FOOTED attribute, meaning he shakes the ground whenever he walks!
He has also gained BATTERY-POWERED, giving him a large but unregenerating tank of energy to use for each mission, so be careful he doesn't overuse his more powerful attacks early on.
Minute-Man organised a visit to the Bikini Atoll military labs to check out his big pal, where they discovered an unusual response to beta radiation - this causes Supercollider to grow in size and become more powerful! (ACCIDENTAL FORM, customised to be triggered by the irradiated state) Additionally, the boffins there discovered an unfortunate vulnerability to a rare earth element which has been dubbed Collidium. Fortunately, this secret weakness is classified information, known only to the high ranking CIA officers who were present at the examination.... or is it?

Green Genie

Green Genie can gain the Puppet Master (Urban) attribute, allowing her to animate the street furniture of her beloved city.
With training she can also gain the ANTI-WAR ZONE ability, that turns all nearby projectiles into harmless flower petals while the defence lasts (includng ally projectiles, so be careful!)


QuetzalCoatl gains the SOLAR POWERED attribute - making him more effective in brightly lit levels.
He can also purchase the ILLUSIONIST attribute and ENHANCED SENSES, in his case allowing him to detect enemies in a straightforwards amnner, and illuminate darkly lit levels more clearly.
His SERPENT STRIKE attack has been modified to do straight crushing damage with a HEX carrier attack (due to popular demand) - so he stands a decent chance of hexing the target as well as damaging them. To balance out his SNAKE VENOM SMASH, Ive added some extra stun to it, making both attacks useful in different situations.


Tombstone has gained the NOCTURNAL attribute, making him twice as strong at night! In darkly lit levels he gains a damage bonus to his attacks.
He also gets the SYNERGY attribute - in his case customised to allow him to feed health points off the zombies that he raises.


BlackJack gets a GRAPPLING HOOK attack, that allows him to pull any target or object towards him - just like knockback in reverse!
He's also been given ENHANCED SENSES, in his case representing a radio tap on the Nazis that allows him to decrypt and detect their location. It only detects Nazis, so it wont be much use later in the campaign.


Tricolour gets WEAKNESS DETECTION carriers on her ELEGANT MELE melee and PRECISION BLADE attacks, meaning that she accumulates extra damage against each type of opponent that she successfully hits for the remainder of that mission. This allows her to quickly adapt to each type of enemy in a level and learn how to take them down with fewer blows!
She also gets a JUDO FLIP attack that has a chance of throwing the target over her head.

Sky King

Sky King gains the FAST FLIER attribute, increasing his overall flight speed considerably without changing his pitiful ground speed.
He can also develop a MAGNETIC GRENADE that pulls all nearby metal objects towards the point of impact!

The Bard

Let it be know that Harry Holmes is a ladies' man! He gains the PHEREMONES attribute, meaning that female opponents nearby will often become hypnotised and start fighting on his side!
His tireless research into the original Bard's writings can also earn him two additional powers - ARIEL'S BLESSING, which allows him to make an ally temporarily invisible. Finally, to prove he isn't a one-trick pony, he's been reading a bit of Shaw and developed PYGMALION'S QUIRK, which turns the unfortunate victim into a statue temporarily.

The bad guys

You thought you were getting all these new powers for free?
Some of the bad guys have been powered up as well...

Dark Shaman

The Dark Shamen's Aura Blast has been turned into a LIFE DRAIN attack, which causes progressive damage in the target and also progressively heals the caster!


Blitzkriegs gains the HATEMONGER attribute, that allows him to siphon health from anyone under his mental control.

Eye of the Reich

Their panic beam has been swapped to a zero gravity beam, that causes the target to float helplessly into the air and become less resistant to knockback from their other attacks.


The snowmen gain the DISPERSED STRUCTURE attribute, allowing them to reform after being KO'd, even in the Rumble Room.

Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter gains the ICE CONTROL attribute, allowing him to create ice walls and patches on the ground.
In his frozen giant form, he radiates intense cold, via the FROSTBITE attribute, casuing those close by to get spontaneously frozen.


The Legionnaires "War Cry" has been swapped from a straight stun attack to cause vertigo in the targets.

Fire Elementals

Gain the flame control attribute. When El Diablo gains this power, he can extinguish the fires that they create.

Wraith Warriors

Their Density Max attack has been swapped for a crystallisation attack, causing the target to become trapped in a crystal cage.

Manta Wraiths

Manta Wraith have gained the HEAVY FOOTED attribute, customised to trigger when they teleport, activating a powerful irradiation attack when they land!
Their Neon Bolt attack also has a STRENGTH DRAIN effect, causing their attacks to become stronger while the target's become weaker.

Time Master

Time Master's Chrono Stop attack has been turned into a teleportation attack similar to Microwaves, allowing him to teleport characters up into the air to take falling damage.


Their Density MAx attack is swapped for a more potent FFX Gravity Increase attack.


Entropy gains a transmutation attack, allowing her to turn her victims to stone temporarily. Petrified victims can be damaged, and damage will be felt when the victim turns back to normal.