A few of Dr Mike's test characters are included with FFX Squared to act as guidelines for the customisation process.
Note that the following custom characters are not meant for independent use, but are part of the package for playing the characters outlined below:
Snow Beast, The Connector+, M-Girl (Stone), M-Girl (Energy) etc., Estelle, Abraxas, Zombie, Fire Spirit, Magnetic Spirit, Cat Jalopy.
Some of these will not function correctly in the Rumble Room or campaign by themselves.


New in FFX 3.2 – winner of the FFX Hero File Contest

Slowball, by Yellow Lantern

Mesh: male_rotund; Skin: standard; KF: default male_rotund – Slowball is the antithesis of a speedster. He's fat and just does not run very quickly, at least not normally. You see, Slowball is able to make those around him move slower too. In fact, he can even drain speed from those who aren't moving and he can make the whole environment slow down around him to the point where he appears to be moving quickly (speedforce attribute).


New in FFX 3.1

Cat Laser

A WW II hero, the original Cat Laser was just a big friendly neighbourhood butcher who decided to pitch in for his country by dressing up as a cat and punching Nazis out. Cat Laser demonstrates the VEHICLE and DRIVER attribute with the aid of his Cat Jalopy - a car customised with a couple of weapons. (Sorry, no skin provided).


An alien colony of microorganisms that find our world to be toxic. As a result, the Borg-9 has developed terraforming microbe squads that attempt to make our world like the Borg using the TERRAFORMER attribute. He can feed off these techno-organic stacks to replenish his failing health using the ABSORPTION (ACTIVE) attribute - this draws health from the techno-organic stacks nearby.


New in FFX 3.0

The Connector (idea by BlueStreak)

SYNERGY, ACCIDENTAL CHANGE, ENERGY TANKS, Mental Damage attacks, Zero G attacks
The Connector is a benevolent alien entity from a harmonious world inhabited by a telepathic hive-mind. His primary mission on Earth is to unify the human race's consciousness whether they like it or not, which has lead to a few scuffles with the local superhuman populace.
The Connector is a medium level telepath/psychokinetic on his own, but is able to annexe the minds of others around him to assume a much more powerful giant form with significantly enhanced power levels.

The ENERGY TANKS attribute means that the Connector has a maximum of 200 energy points rather than the default 100, but starts with 100 points, and cannot regenerate above this through normal means. His SYNERGY attribute is customised to draw energy points from any Mental Blanked characters nearby. When he reaches a full tank of 200 points, his ACCIDENTAL CHANGE kicks in and he will transform into the Connector+ form, which is a temporary character created with the INVOLUNTARY FORM attribute, and therefore not playable on his own. In short, repeated use of the Connector's Mental Blank area will cause him to upgrade as he annexes more minds. The Connector+ will return to normal when he runs low on energy.
Note:The Connector+ uses a hex-edited mesh and a hex-edited hero file to access this giant version mesh.

John Snow

The adventurer John Snow had become obsessed with the mythical Yeti, and was determined to make his fortune capturing one of these beasts from its homeland in Tibet. Throughout his expedition, he repeatedly encountered signs of the creature, footsteps near his camp in the morning, missing food supplies, but never the beast itself. His obsession grew as his supplies dwindled, and he would have died if the moks hadn't found him.
They explained that the Yeti was in fact an astral entity created by and drawn to his obsession, and that the creature he had been stalking was in fact himself. They taught him yogic techniques to control the transformation, and he returned to the Western world literally a changed man. John is now in control of the yeti form and can assume it at will.

Material Girl

Absorb attacks, transmutation attacks
Material Girl has the unusual ability to copy the material properties of objects and characters around her and use these properties as useful superpowers.
She uses the specially named templates dictated by the Absorb attack code, with a base name and other names suffixed with the material in brackets. The extra characters, e.g. m-girl (stone) can be played in their own right, but won't transform correctly - just take m-girl on a mission.
In case you're wondering, her name is shortened because of the limit on character name lengths, to allow for the alternate forms to be edited correctly.

Mistral the Magnificent

PRIVATE ARMY, ACCIDENTAL CHANGE, Mental Damage attacks, Teleport attacks
Knowledge comes at a price.
The young Mistral would do anything to acquire arcane knowledge and mastery, and was tricked into the raw end of a deal with the Arch Demon of Magic, Abraxas. Playing on the young mystics foul temper, Abraxas traded a few prestigitations with a hidden clause - that whenever he loses his temper Abraxas is able to materialise and take his place in the material world. Since Mistral has the BESERKER attribute, he could lose control whenver he takes damage!
Mistral and his assistant Estelle work together as stage illusionists and crime-fighters, but guard this terrible secret lest their audiences and public turn against them...

Papa Legba

Summon attacks, Mental Damage attacks, Life Drain
A crafty old voodoo priest who uses his art to protect his country from crime, both from within and without.
Papa Legba carries the shrunken head of those who've crossed him in the past, and can resurrect them temporarily as zombie minions to fight for him.
Papa Legab uses the Limey Lure to Summon swap rather than the summoner attribute, because throwing skulls to spawn his minions looks cool!
He also has a customised transmute attack (CREATE FETISH) that turns the victim into a lifeless wooden mannequin.


The public assume that Klystron is an experimental robot who spontaneously developed a will of his own - in fact he is inhabitated by an othe dimensional electro-magnetic entity that requires metal to live.
When Klystron gets KO'd, this entity will leave his body (via the Russian Doll attribute) and you get control of the Magnetic Spirit character that rises from his body.
The Magnetic Spirit constantly loses health due to BORROWED TIME, but can replenish its health from nearby metal objects using METAL EATER - the net result is that is without its host body (Klystron) it will voraciously consume all metal obejcts in the level in a desparate attempt to keep itself alive.


Pyroness gains her flame control powers from a fire elemental that lives inside her. Using the PROJECT command, she can release this as a separate entity - if there is a free slot it will be player controlled, if there isn't it acts as an independent NPC.
The Fire Spirit can only be released once, until it gets KO'd, at which point it dissappears and can be re-released from inside Pyroness.
She also has a really cool looking firecage attack, and the spirit packs a 'Limey Lure to Fire Wall' attack - ie a projectile that spawns a firewall where it lands. Check them both out - they really show off the new FX in FFvTTR!