version 3.3

Created by Dr Mike and M25

with contributions from the FFX maintenance team and many others


Freedom Force X (X as in extension) 3.3 is the new version of the popular unofficial expansion pack to Irrational Games' Freedom Force vs the Third Reich, and provides 200+ new character attributes and more than two dozens new attack types which can be purchased for custom characters or built-in characters for mod-makers. It also sports a much improved AI, a system to write your own missions in plain English, tools to help modders and various other goodies.

It is installed as a mod for FFvTTR, and must be launched as a separate campaign from the shortcut provided. FFX 3.2 is required to install FFX 3.3.


What’s new in FFX 3.3?

What’s new in FFX 3.2?

Note that due to the amount of changes, there are bound to be some new bugs (plus a few old ones); there are also some unavoidable issues with the FFX Control Centre.


Don't forget to review the updated installation procedure.


What’s new in FFX 3.1?


What’s new in FFX 3.0?


Also available

For the first Freedom Force game: Freedom Force X v.2.6, at