Mission Plugins allow you to drag and drop some Python scripts adding mission-related features to a specific mod, such as FFX 3. Mission plugins (which are not to be confused with startup plugins!) will be run when the mission starts.

Mission plugins are located under the "Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich\FFX3\Missions\Scripts\FFXPlugins\active" folder.


Default FFX Mission Plugins

The following mission plugins are installed by default with FFX:

Keep Building Damage For Freeroam Mods

by M25

For Patriot City-style (A.K.A. "Freeroam") mods this saves building damage whenever a player leaves a map and then restores that damage whenever the player re-enters the map.

Limited Jumping/Low Jumper AI

by M25

This plugin allows the AI to use the Limited Jumping ("ffqlowjumper" in the code) attribute.

Reality Manipulation AI

by M25

This plugin allows the AI to use the Reality Manipulation attributes.

Simple Choice For EZ Script

by M25

The player talks to an allied character, and then is presented with a list of choices (custom commands on the allied character). The player selects a choice, then an appropriate cutscene is played and the appropriate end condition is returned.

Fire Hydrant Improvement

by Épiméthée

This plugin adds new behaviours to fire hydrants: When broken, a jet of water is released, causing a bit of damage and knockback. In addition, nearby flame walls and fire cages are extinguished and fire-based characters get power nullified, while water-based/frozen-material characters get energised and receive a defence against fire.

Zombie Improvement

by Épiméthée

This plugin increases the duration of zombies relative to the magnitude and level of the power. Duration varies from 15 (1 * 5 + 0 * 5 + 10) to 65 (5 * 5 + 6 * 5 + 10) secs instead of the usual ~12 secs. It also adds Degenerative attribute to each zombie to compensate for the increased duration, while giving some reason to attack a zombie rather than staying out of the way until he expires. Finally, zombies from the same side (i.e. serving a hero/police master vs. a villain/minion one) usually won't attack each other anymore. Keep in mind that they won't still behave with much intelligence. But hey, when was the last time you met a bright zombie, anyway?


Plugin Management

Installing New Plugins

To install a mission plugin, add your plugin folder and all its files to the "Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich\ffx3\Missions\Scripts\ffxplugins\active" folder. Please be certain the plugin you are installing there is indeed a "mission plugin" and not a "startup plugin".

Disabling Existing Plugins

To disable a mission plugin, move its folder from the "active" folder to the "Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich\ffx3\Missions\Scripts\ffxplugins\inactive" folder. Vice-versa to enable it again.


For Modders

Creating Startup Plugins

I hope you'll try it! However, there's no documentation, sorry… please read the code of the sample plugins. While mission plugins offer limited possibilities, they can be relatively simpler to create if you keep to simple tasks, since they are more or less autonomous. And of course distributing them is very simple!

A few tips:

Adding Plugin Functionality To Your Mod

It is possible to add one or more plugins top folders; this could be useful, for example, if you did a mod with specific features and you wanted it to support its own set of mod-specific plugins.

As of FFX 3.2, the code enabling mission plugins is directly in ffx.py; you would need to add your folder(s) in the search path of that code. Contact us if you're stuck.