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Warning: This documentation was generated from the comments in the source code (using progrutils.documentPyFile()), with a few tweaks, under the principle that poor documentation is better than no documentation. In case of ambiguity, please refer to the code itself.

Script to change the NIF named material parameters so that FF1 NIFs don't appear as shadowed in FF2. Can be run from game console.



Change the NIFs in for all the character.nif files in the subdirectories of the given path. For example:

ChangeAllNIFLightings('c:\\Program Files\\Irrational Games\\Freedom 
Force vs The 3rd Reich\\Custom\\Art\\library\\characters')\\

The numbered parameters are optional. I took these default values from Renegade's posts on Freedom Reborn.



The fname argument is the complete pathname of the NIF file. For example:

'c:\\Program Files\\Irrational Games\\Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich\\