By Stumpy

You may have noticed that when characters use an area melee attack, the range extends far beyond the swing of their fist due to a bug in FFvsTTR itself. Thanks to Stumpy, there’s now a way to change the range on area melee powers back to their FF settings.

You'll use one of two ways

Process 1: When you create a new hero file with an area melee power, run him/her/it through the M25AI Generator. It will create an m25ai file and set the correct area melee range.

Process 2: When you make any change to any existing character that has an area melee power (it doesn't matter what you change. If you click the OK button rather than the Cancel button when you edit the character you made a change) and you want to create a new m25ai or overwrite the existing one then run the character thru the M25 AI Generator.

If you DO NOT want to overwrite the existing m25ai file for the character you edited then ONLY run the "-------------------------" character thru M25 AI Generator. This way the only thing that happens is it updates your heroes' area melee powers' ranges.

Things to remember: